Top Ten Reasons to Submit your Abstract TODAY!

Today is the deadline for submitting your proposals to the Asia Conference! We know there are many of you who have been meaning to send yours in. Today’s the day!

In order to inspire you, we have put together a Top Ten list of reasons to submit your abstract:

1.      Easy to get involved. If you are writing a term paper on an Asia development and security related topic, all you need to do is to submit an abstract of 250 words today! It’s that easy. The actual paper is not due until February 2013.

2.      Gain valuable feedback from experts. If your paper is selected, you will have a face-to-face chance to discuss it with multiple experts from the field of your paper’s theme. Seize the chance to evaluate your own work from different perspectives and to learn how to strengthen your arguments!

3.      Free food. We’re all grad students. We get it.

4.      Practice those toastmaster skills! Okay, we know public speaking isn’t quite everyone’s idea of a day at the beach. But whether you are going into public policy or academia, you’ll be making presentations and speeches for quite a while to come! Why not practice in a, low-stress environment among grad school students?

5.      Getting ready for your dissertation or thesis. Many of our participants are graduate or PhD students who at some point will write a dissertation or major thesis. Present a shorter, earlier draft to the Asia Conference to gain valuable feedback and insight from a panel of experts before your actual defense.

6.     One word: Resume. Building up your resume isn’t the sole reason to get involved in the Asia Conference, but it’s a terrific bonus. Presenting your work at conferences is a great addition to your professional and academic experiences.

7.      Meet your colleagues! Past participants have told us one of the most rewarding parts of the Asia Conference is meeting fellow students interested in the same issues they are. The Conference is comprised of organizers, presenters, and participants all at peer graduate institutions along the East Coast. Come meet them!

8.      Excuse to break out that spiffy tie. All you guys will receive one over the holidays. Put it to good use!

9.      Contribute to the Asia conversation. We all know Asia is a region of critical importance and will continue to be. You have issues you think are worth discussing, and maybe don’t receive much attention in the academic realm today. Make your voice heard by contributing your own research to the conversation.

10.  Learn. As you present your paper, listen to questions and feedback on your presentation, and attend other students’ panels, you will learn about a terrific range of issues from all over Asia. From sovereign wealth in China to the opium industry in Afghanistan, these are exciting and fascinating conversations we hope you’ll be a part of.

SUBMIT HERE: Online submission form